In the area

Akamas peninsula is rich in flora and fauna. The area is unaffected by development and it is a home for many migrating birds and a nesting place for sea turtles. Legend says that after swimming in the crystal clear waters of Akamas bay Aphrodite walked up the hill to bathe in a small pool fed with fresh mountain spring water. This special place has become known as the Baths of Aphrodite.

Ancient churches of Saint George Nikoxilides, Osia Maria and Saint Kononas are just some of more than 100 ancient churches in the area.

Droushia Rocks are the most popular climbing destinations in Cyprus.

Polis is a seaside town 10 min drive from Droushia. Its fishing port Latchi is famous for good fish restaurants.

Cruises to Akamas are available from Latchi.

Local "Phenomenon" You would expect your car when put in neutral to be moving downhill, right? There's a spot on the road, just at the edge of the village (ask for directions) - carefully drop into neutral and watch what happens!

All this is why Cyprus will always be known as the 'Jewel of the Mediterranean'